Idenova designs for practicality

About us

Industrial design agency Idenova has been providing concept development, industrial design and engineering for the business market since 2001. When translating concepts into concrete designs, we combine creativity with technical knowledge and practicality. Our designs include consumer products, equipment for the healthcare sector and furniture for public spaces. Our focus is on synthetic products.

Realism as a basis

The products we design are meant to be used. That’s why realism is at the heart of our philosophy. Naturally, we go for the best design, but functionality, technical practicality and implementation are just as important. We are used to working within parameters and understand the importance of an acceptable cost price.

More than designers

We combine innovative thinking with practicality and a healthy dose of Dutch down-to-earthiness. We combine our technical knowledge with creativity to produce distinctive designs.

Our real success

Our designs regularly win awards, and we are obviously quite proud of that. But our real success is the success of our clients.

Our people

Designers and engineers

Our small, tight-knit team creates beautiful, functional designs. Every employee is both a designer and an engineer, so we don’t just invent, we also create. And this sets us apart from other design agencies. Let’s introduce the team.

Eric Kruisselbrink
Industrial designer/ Structural Engineer (Managing Director)
Jasper Dielemans
Product designer
Kristian Domhof
Industrial designer/ Structural Engineer
Leon Heukshorst
Industrial designer/ Structural Engineer
Walter Boeijink
Draughtsman/ Structural Engineer

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