Award thanks to craftsmanship, down-to-earth mentality and small scale

A key business partner: that is what Idenova has now become for Urban Iki. According to director Ronald Scheppink, it immediately felt right, which is why he has been working with Idenova since his company was launched.

Urban Iki wants to conquer the world with its practical child bike seat. Although they always had an idea of what things should look like, without a design agency it’s hard for your ideas to become tangible. Ronald asked around in his network and did some research. He ended up at Idenova.

“I knew right away that they had an artistic eye. And during the meeting with Eric Kruisselbrink, the Managing Director of Idenova, I got the sense that they would be an excellent business partner. Eric is down to earth and technically skilled.”

Advantages of working with a small agency
The technical aspect is particularly essential, according to Ronald. “You don’t have to be a big agency to be good at what you do. Above all, you need to have a practical mindset and sense what the user wants.”

According to Ronald, the fact that Idenova is a smaller agency has many advantages. “I have experience with large design agencies which worked for the most well-known brands. They are often good at visualizing concepts quickly, but don’t always look into their technical feasibility. Designs are often a bit woollier and sometimes unrealistic, which is absolutely not the case with Idenova.”

Sheet model
Soon after the initial discussions, Idenova came up with three concepts. The ‘sheet model’ immediately appealed to the imagination. The concept was elaborated further and not long after, Ronald had a prototype. Then, too, Idenova proved to be a good partner. “Obviously, we still have to fine-tune the concept, refine the details and correct any glitches. “Idenova rolled up its sleeves and came up with a solution in this phase too. That is really exceptional. I’m still amazed at what they can achieve. They are masters of ingenuity.”

The design was a success. Awards poured in for Idenova and Urban Iki in 2019. Ronald: “The IF Gold Award in particular was a wonderful moment. It’s the Academy Award for designers: recognition of our work.” He hopes to continue doing business with Idenova for a long time to come. “Loyalty is very important to me. And that is what Idenova stands for.”

Ronald remembers well that at some point he needed a prototype of a part as quickly as possible. “No one at Idenova could come to Urban Iki in Nijverdal at that time. But Eric said he would take care of it. “You’ll get it today,” he promised. Not long after, Eric’s parents showed up to deliver the prototype to us: two people who are extremely proud of their son. That’s fantastic isn’t it? And this typifies Idenova for me. It’s proof of the excellent bond between us.”

Idenova is twenty years old

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