Optimal use of public space

Grijsen Park & Straatdesign

Public space belongs to and is for everybody. A large part of daily life takes place there. Grijsen Park & Straatdesign believes that good use of public space makes people both energetic and relaxed, and it brings them closer together.


Grijsen Park & Straatdesign


Street furniture



Practical, hospitable, attractive and sustainable

Idenova is involved as permanent partner for Grijsen Park & Straatdesign in their street furniture design. Their joint goal: to make public space more attractive with comfortable benches, planters to add a touch of greenery and lighting for safety and to create atmosphere. Idenova works with Grijsen to design public space such that is practical and hospitable, while recognizing the need for sustainability.

Constructo waste bin

Idenova developed the Constructo for Grijsen: a waste bin with an iconic round top. A beautiful, progressive design and fully modular, since the materials used are easy to recycle at the end of their useful life.

Customer tells his story

We have been working closely with Idenova on our street furniture for many years. Partly thanks to Idenova’s knowledge and creativity, we have been able to find a suitable solution for every design question, whether for benches or waste bins. They do more than just come up with a beautiful design. They also contribute ideas about aspects such as customer demand and practical feasibility. This makes our partnership with Idenova very important to us. I hope that, together, we will continue to create many beautiful things for public spaces.

Patrick Grijsen
Direktor Grijsen Park & Straatdesign

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