Beautiful in everyday things

Urban Iki

Japanese technology and Dutch design come together in Urban Iki, a child’s bike seat that makes you smile. Since it can be attached to any bike in less than five minutes, it is not only child-friendly, but parent-friendly too.


Urban Iki


Bicycle Accessories


Lifestyle combined with safety and convenience

“Beautiful in everyday things”. That is the basis for the Iki feeling and therefore the basis of the Urban Iki child seat. Lifestyle combined with optimum safety and everyday convenience. Durable, ergonomic and easy to use. But also: a treat for the eye.

‘Refined, ethical, original and functional’

Idenova has won several awards with Urban Iki. A selection: the iF Design Award 2020, the German Innovation Award 2019, the iF Gold Award 2019, the Red Dot Award 2019, the German Design Award 2019 and the Eurobike Award 2019. Just a few comments from the jury reports: “Innovative, user-friendly and with a refined design”; “Refined, ethical, original and functional”; “Design that makes you smile”.

Customer tells his story

They know what they are talking about at Idenova. They have a practical mindset and are technically well grounded. They can sense what the user wants and are open to feedback. And more importantly: they are masters of ingenuity. I consider Idenova to be more than a design agency, they are a real business partner.

Ronald Scheppink
Director of Urban Iki

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