Functional and innovative

FLEET bag-runner

FLEET by Vanderlande is a self-steering bag-runner for baggage processing at airports: innovative and intelligent. Idenova developed the design.





Quality, ergonomics, flexibility, and efficiency

FLEET stands out in terms of quality, flexibility, efficiency, and ergonomic advantages. At the check-in counters, smart robots sort the suitcases and bags and FLEET transports the luggage to the right plane. The robot is stylish as well.

Idenova and Vanderlande have won various awards together. These include the Red Dot Award 2018 (“best of the best’), the Red Dot Award 2019 and Recognition for Good Industrial Design (GIO) 2019.

Fascinating solution

As the jury report of the Red Dot Award 2018 described: FLEET is a highly efficient system that simplifies and speeds up baggage handling at airports through the use of intelligent, automated robotic vehicles. The system assists passengers in reclaiming their luggage safely and fast. FLEET offers a fascinating solution for a complex issue. FLEET is reliable, highly flexible and is easy to adapt to changing situations.

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